Beautiful Natural Wood -
Eco Friendly Wood Block
 Bring the outdoors in with the rustic Natural Tree Stump Side Table. Made from naturally fallen oak, maple or cedar trees.
* All wood stumps come from a FSC (Forest Stewardship Council)Managed Forest/Maple Syrup Farm  located in Perth, Ontario Canada.
Each solid-wood block is one of a kind. Cluster two or three together to create a unique coffee table, or use them individually beside a sofa, bed or chair.
   • Solid Maple, Cedar,Pine,Oak,Ash,Dark Walnut, 
   • Due to the natural wood used, no two tables are alike.
   • Approx 13"diam. x 20"diam.
   * Approx 15"H to 19"H
   • Natural Bees Wax Finish Only - No Chemical Treatments.
   • Hand Sanded to your requirements.
   *  Age ranges from 20-160 years old
    Great addition to any contemporary space for added warmth.
        Small          $85.00 
      Medium    $100.00
      Large       $200.00
      X-Large    $250.00

Serenity Stumps come from a responsible managed, FSC– Certified Forest. The wood is among one of the most environmentally friendly material.

Products bearing the FSC logo, guarantees that the wood comes from a certified well-managed forest. These products are available across the world from a variety of mills, manufacturers, and distributors.

You will find that some FSC retailers stock a wide range of FSC-certified products like paper, furniture, building materials (lumber, plywood, flooring, doors and windows), and other products like guitars, wood toys, even cosmetics and kitchenware and of course our Stumps!

By choosing an FSC-certified product, you are rewarding responsible forest management, benefiting people and nature, around the world. It’s a smart step towards protecting our environment responsibly.

FSC certificate is the only credible forest certification standard in Canada and the United States. 

   Featured in the "OTTAWA MAGAZINE"                       

   September2012 Issue  Pg.73                                                      

                   Green Design

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Eco-Friendly All Natural Bees Wax -  Furniture Sealant  FOR SALE              

                  NON TOXIC

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      6 oz     $8.00  

      8 oz    $15.00

Can be used for cutting boards, wooden toys, wood furniture & crafts.